About Sidekick

Our goal is to help you be a rockstar in your job.

To do that we give you 3 main tools:

1) An OKR

OKR stands for Objective Key Result.

It is a tool used at many companies to help employees understand what is expected of them, what they should work towards and what to focus on.

In order to see tangibly where you are at on a scale of happy to unhappy, we give you an overview of areas you might want to focus on to feel like a rockstar.

More about OKRs >

2) A coach to support you

Making changes to your work-life often means giving important feedback, structuring the right conversation with a manager or co-worker or changing your mindset about a particular topic.

To do this we give you access to a Sidekick, someone who is there for you every step of the way. Our Sidekicks come from some of the best coaching schools in the world and have backgrounds that span most industries.

Put simply, they're great, which is why our users have given them an average rating of 93%.

3) A way to simply set tangible goals

With the help of a coach and the clarity of your OKR, you can easily set goals that are targeted at improving certain aspects of your work-life.

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