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About the Sidekick App

Where is my coach chat?

If you are a Premium user, your coach chat is now available across the app as a bubble with your coaches photo. Tap the photo to reach the chat.

Where is the calendar?

For premium users, now you can find your survey directly on your home page, on the top right corner.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is the new name for your bi-weekly engagement survey. This quick scan helps you check in with yourself and your coach to see your sentiment about work in any given moment. You can now answer this survey whenever you want. We recommend taking the survey on a bi-weekly basis, before your 15-minute calls with your coach, but you are free to take it more often than that if you would like.

How often should I take my Pulse?

Every other week is the best cadence to accurately track your sentiment work on a regular basis. We recommend taking the Pulse survey before your 15-minute call with your coach. You can take it more often if you would like!

Where is My Progress?

The 'My Progress' tab is now called Pulse. You can see your overall results on the home page, and to see individual metrics, just click "View All".

What is the difference between goals and Pulse?

A goal is a vision you set for yourself and the success metrics you have identified to get yourself there. It is entirely personalized, self-created, and self-managed. You will ask important people in your life to review you and you can use that information with your coach to create action plans that will help you get closer to reaching your goals.

Pulse is a quick survey that you should take on a regular basis to assess your overall sentiment about work. We encourage you to take this on a bi-weekly basis, before your 15 minute calls with your coach, but you can take it more often if you choose. The Pulse survey is 8 questions and should only take 1 minute or less. It is not meant to be a general survey - it is important to take it regularly to track your feelings about what is going on in your world in any given moment. This information is seen by your coach and will inspire conversations for your coaching session.

Do I have to use the new Goals feature?

Nope! You are the owner of your experience on Sidekick. You can discuss with your coach and determine how to use the feature, but ultimately it is entirely up to you! We strongly believe that the Goals feature will help you reach your goals faster and with more clarity, but feel free to leverage it as you see fit.

About Sidekick Coaching Sessions

What is the difference between a 15-min call and a full 1hr coaching session?

A 15 minute call is not a short coaching session. It is meant to be a short check in with your coach to help you both assess the need for a coaching session and to give your coach regular context on your growth.

By the end of the 15 minutes, you and your coach will have been able to determine if there is a need for a 1-hour coaching session or not. If so, you will book a session for a few days later, where you can dive into the determined topic straight away.

If there is no need for a session and all is stable, then you can just chat with your coach again for 15 minutes in 2 weeks.

The reason we decided to create this experience is to help you get the most out of each of your coaching sessions. Without having to waste precious time on context setting and updates, your coach can use the full hour to coach you and help you reach your goals.

It is super important that your 15 minute calls happen on a very regular bi-weekly basis. I recommend finding a time where you are usually free every other week, and booking all your 15 minute calls for that same time on a bi-weekly basis. You can book several sessions in advance on the app so I recommend doing that right away!

What does a 15 minute call look like? What is it for?

In the 15 minute call, you will discuss the results from your most recent engagement survey, where your coach might help you identify trends or changes in your sentiment about work in that moment.

You will also discuss any recent events that may have changed your situation in any way, or any upcoming events that you are anticipating and would like support in preparing

In your 15 minute call, you will also review your action items from your previous coaching session and stay accountable to your coach on your development

What is the difference between a Premium and a Free user?

If you have a coach, you’re a premium user. This means that your company has paid for our premium service to connect you to your very own executive coach.

We also now offer a free version of our app, which allows anyone to set goals, track tasks, share goals with buddies, and take their pulse. If you do not have a coach or calendar features on your app, and/or if you or your team are not using a paid version of Sidekick, then you are a Free user. If you are interested in upgrading to Premium, contact us!

To learn more about the Goals feature for both Premium and Free users,
head to the Goals FAQ here:


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