Growing is easier with buddies

It’s easier to be successful when someone holds you accountable and can therefore help you reach it.

This is the idea behind Buddies.

Use cases

  • During a 1:1 you’ve defined a goal with your manager. Add them as buddies so they can hold you accountable and help you get there faster.

  • You work closely with someone in Product, Customer Success, Engineering or Operations. Share the goal with them so they can know how to be most helpful.

How to get started?

1 - To activate buddies, go to “Home“ / “Settings“ and toggle the buddies on/off switch.

2 - When creating or editing a goal you will see a “Add buddies“ button.

3 - Select the list of people you’d like to share your goal’s progress with.

4 - Create or save the goal!

What can buddies see?

For now only overall goal progress, but if you think you’d like to share more, we want to hear from you!