Welcome to Goals

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Set a vision for yourself and get support to achieve it

A Goal is a vision that you set for yourself about what you would like to achieve in your life.
A Goal on your Sidekick app is a measurable, trackable plan to get to success, faster.


How do I set a goal?

We encourage you to start with a conversation with your coach to identify what your goals are.

Think about what your aspirations for your life might look like.

This can be your current or future career, your personal life, your health, your relationships, your hobbies, or anything you aspire to accomplish.

You should identify how you would know that you've "made it".

What does success look like for each goal? What are the requirements for the goal to be accomplished?

Answers to those questions are your success metrics.

Think about who would be best able to assess your behavior for each of those success metrics.

Who do these goals impact? Who benefits from your work on each metric?
Those people would become your reviewers on the app.

The more rigorous you are about setting good metrics for success, the better insights you will receive and therefore the faster you will be able to reach your goals!

From there, your reviewers would be asked to assess you on your chosen success metrics at the frequency that you determine. You can also choose to assess yourself on metrics if you prefer to track them privately.
Sidekick will collect the responses and display them on your app for you to review with your coach and work on action plans based on the results.

Success metrics

Track your progress and know what to focus your attention on

What is a success metric?

A success metric can be anything that helps you know if you're on the right track.

How will you know you've achieved your goal? Those items would be success metrics.
If you are familiar with OKR's (Objectives and Key Results), your Goal would be your Objective and your Success Metric is your Key Result.

A success metric contains…

  1. name: This is the essence of the metric.

  2. statement: What other people will see when they review you.

  3. frequency: How often you want to be reviewed on that metric

  4. A list of reviewers: People who will be sent the statement to rate. Note: if you activate “self-assessed” you will be the only one to rate that statement.

Grow together

Since our growth doesn't happen in isolation, often times others may be better judges of our behaviors than we are.

What is a reviewer?

A reviewer is someone who benefits from your behavior or is able to assess you neutrally. Reviewers can be anyone that is impacted by your goal, or anyone that can provide you with the insight you need to know if you're on track.

Select a variety of reviewers for each success metric to get the best picture of your success. If your goal is to be a great leader, the best way for you to know if you are a great leader is to ask the people you lead.

What is a buddy?

Support and accountability are important to everyones success.

Your colleagues or friends can ask for you to see their goals by making you a buddy. When you go to the Buddies section, you will see all the goals that have been shared with you by other people.
If you mark someone as a buddy on your goals, they would be able to see you on their app.