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Hi 👋

I'm Eric, your brand new sidekick! I wrote what I call the "10 commandments of Coaching".

It's a way to make sure you get the most out of my help.

Drop me a message on your app or on Google Hangouts if you have any comment or questions!


The 10 Commandments of Coaching


1/ Goal: I'm here to help you design your dream worklife.


2/ Confidentiality: Everything you say, write or share to me or to is 100% confidential. Your manager will receive anonymized team data every month.


3/ Context: Your company has considered that you and your team are strategic for achieving success. I've spent years coaching top executives inside Fortune 500 organizations, and from today, I will act as your sidekick. You’re about to embark on a powerful experience!


4/ Coach Partners: I will often leverage the community of amazing coaches that we have gathered at to match you with another coach for a session based on your specific needs. But I will still be the point of contact and ready to chat at anytime.


5/ Booking: Coaching is mostly impactful when it happens at the right moment. That's why I will regularly send you sentiment questions about how you're feeling at work. Therefore, it's important that you answer those questions prompt and that when I suggest we have a session, you book one as soon as possible.


6/ Respect: We've selected the best coaches. They are working or have worked with some of the most prestigious organizations. Therefore it is critical to keep up with the schedule or let me know 48 hours in advance when you won’t be able to make it for a session.


7/ Interactions: I'm dedicated to your team, so feel free to message me on your app or on Google Hangouts whenever you like.


8/ Plan: The other coaches you interact with and myself will give you a couple of next steps to be taken after a session. You can review these whenever you like as they will be posted on our conversation on the app (or Google Hangouts). The success will be guaranteed if you follow through with these action items.


9/ Logistics: Be somewhere calm and where you can talk freely. We may cancel and reschedule the session if judging that the communication is not adequate for a powerful session. Coaching takes a lot of input on both sides — you can’t be distracted!


10/ Effectiveness: We will base our work on the answers you give. Be open and transparent: as mentioned in 2/, everything you say is confidential and the more truthful you are, the more your work life will improve.