Engagement: the only metric that matters.

Your employees' perception of the following 8 factors will determine how much more they are willing to do to help you reach your goals. 

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Engagement drives success & performance.

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Read about the engagement scale on Medium.


Building employee engagement is a personal & iterative process - we take care of it.

We track, analyze and improve each factor with our team of world-class executive coaches.



Every two weeks we gather data on each employees' fullfilment of each factor.



We then calculate engagement scores and make productivity and happiness predictions.



Our team of world class executive coaches help each employee improve on key factors negatively impacting their engagement.

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Unleash the power of a highly engaged team.

For ambitious teams only.


✨ The Manager

  • Engagement tracking
  • Monthly detailed report for the manager

$5 / user / month

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⭐️ The Leader

Everything from "The Manager" pack plus:

The Leader Coach
  • The Leader Coach builds an advanced report based on additional feedback gathered from team members.
  • The Leader gets a 1-on-1 monthly 1-hour coaching session with the Leader Coach

$50 / user / month

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🌟 The A-Team

Everything from "The Leader" pack plus:

The Team Coach
  • The Team Coach guarantees that your team maintains a 6, 7 or 8 engagement score, no matter what!
  • Throughout the month, the Team Coach monitors each team members’ engagement and schedules 1-on-1 coaching sessions when a team member needs a boost or is having an engagement drop.

Starting at $100 / user / month