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Empowering individuals and companies to understand what drives them and their organization.

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Our goal at is to make people happy at work.

We believe coaching is the best way to make organizations happier, more engaged and more productive.

The first part of any coaching session is to help individuals reflect and identify the underlying obstacle or issue which is preventing them from being at their best.

Our Engagement Index is an attempt at doing just that.


We gather data from individuals and teams all around the world on a regular basis.

By drawing on hundreds of sample profiles we were able to isolate 8 metrics which define engagement in an actionable way. This allows us to make powerful predictions such as employee retention and productivity.

Engagement Index: what does it mean?

So many conflicting reports about what engagement is. We believe the simplest way is to imagine a scale from 1 to 10...

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The 8 Pillars of Engagement

We believe engagement is personal. It is the alignment between what your employees...

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The personal & iterative process of building engagement

It’s a big issue, with big payoffs for companies who do it right. For that reason, you won’t find a simple trick to magically turn an employee into a devoted super-performer. Building engagement is hard...

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Use cases

Our goal is to get everyone above the Top 25% index in each of the 8 pillars of engagement.

The following shows what a happy, engaged and productive employee's graph would look like.

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The team happiness, engagement & productivity test requires a minimum of 5 people in order to maintain confidentiality.