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Hi 👋

I’m Eric, and I’m here to make sure everything feels right for you at Fetch. I’ll be checking-in on you regularly and we’ll have 1-on-1 video sessions where we’ll explore what drives you and what may be holding you back. You can always message me on Google Hangouts too.

Everything you tell me is 100% confidential.


My goal: helping you design the work-life of your dreams.

If you're happy, engaged by your work, nothing can stop you or Fetch!



Every couple of weeks I’ll be sending you the same 8 question survey. These help me understand what is currently going on in your work-life.

All of you answers will be confidential.


If I feel like there are areas in which I can help, I’ll schedule a 1-on-1 video call and we’ll discuss it.

Everything during that session will be confidential.

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I’m here everyday for you if you need to talk. Just message me on Google Hangouts!

Everything you message me will be confidential.


So what is a happy work-life?

A happy work-life is one where you feel intellectually stimulated, purpose-driven, satisfied with your work-life balance, aware of the decisions affecting your work, clear on how your work impacts the organization's success, feel properly recognized for your efforts and supported by your team and your manager. 

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Let's get started! 

Let’s take an initial snapshot of your current work-life.

Add me on Google Hangouts (and install it on your personal device):

Book your 1st session with me. Let’s get to know each other better.