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The most helpful hour I've ever had in career coaching.

I love the fact that there's someone out there outside the company looking out for my career growth.

Great session with Sara - would love to see this as a continued resource for employees!

I had a really great session with Brooke. I like how she's really positive and action-oriented. I left with a few specific action items.

My coach is awesome. Because she's super empathetic, I walk out feeling a million times better about my situation and my ability to make progress through feedback, in addition to having a ton of good action items.

I absolutely loved working with Tracy. She gave me actionable feedback that was easy to implement and remember, and I've tried it and it worked really well for me. I'd love to continue working with Tracy through Sidekick.

"Tracy was wonderful! She listened intently and offered actionable feedback that I can apply immediately. Excited to chat with her further. :)"

These sessions are so helpful. It answers questions in my mind and makes me build confidence on myself.

Had a great session. We covered a lot, and I left with a lot of tangible next steps.

I had a great conversation with the coach. It was unclear how to continue engaging with the coach without using the app. There seems to be no iPhone option.

My coach (Debbie) is excellent in explaining the COIN model. Her role play using the COIN model was crucial to my learning.

I benefit greatly from the feedback tips and conversation guidance Tracy offers. She's great!

Very productive, collaborative, and fulfilling discussion. I would highly recommend and am looking forward to my next session with Debbie. She helped me immensely.

The coaching session was perfect. I wasn't sure if it would help me with the two issues I had in mind but it was super helpful and gave me a number of things that I believe will be useful over the long term in many situations.

Tim generously gave me extra time and I really appreciated his approach on framing the conversation that was not defensive and also suited my communication style. So happy to work with him!

Really appreciate Tim's advice to focus on what i can control

Debbie was great :)

I’m very happy with my first session and I look forward to working with Eric.

I appreciate the opportunity to meet multiple times with my coach, as today I realized that more than one session is needed in order to get to the most impactful realizations. I also appreciate that my coach was flexible in her approach and only pursued lines of thinking that she noticed were resonating the most with me. She was great at asking questions and I found this is what helped me the most -- being asked the right questions to enable me to get the root of things. As well, I love that my coach is familiar with neuroscience and able to make references to interesting facts about the mind and behavior that are universal.

Awesome session. Learned a lot to implement

I am grateful for the opportunity for coaching!