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The Manager

Getting powerful and actionable engagement insights from your team.


Data collection

We collect data from your team every 2 weeks asking them 8 simple statements to rate. Data is anonymized meaning that you can trust the data's authenticity.



Data Analysis

We then look at all of the data, compare it to people in similar industries, companies and roles to draw conclusions on what the individual's statement rating means.

Thanks to the thousands of data points we've gathered, we are able to give you techniques to work with each individual on better aligning their needs with the company's.

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❗️ Maintaining under 5 support will make your employees feel like they don’t have a voice in decisions or lack ressources to do their best work.

🤔 Have 1-on-1s with each team member to show them you are here to assist them in any way.

Start understanding your team's engagement

$5 / Employee / Month