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  • 1/ Opening the Spot.coaching session (2.5')

    "Everything we discuss is confidential"

    "We have 1 hour - this is your session"

  • 2/ Purpose & outcome of the Spot.coaching session (20')

    "What would you like to discuss today?"

    "What would be a positive outcome for the session?"

  • 3/ Exploring & Clarifying the issue (20')

    "If you had a magic wand, what would you change?"

    "What are the consequences for not making the change?"

  • 4/ Checking-in (2.5')

  • 5/ Giving support and possible resources (5')

    "What in the past has helped you achieve a similar goal?"

    "Who or what are the other sources of support available to you?"

  • 6/ Developing the next steps (5')

  • 7/ Concluding the spot.coaching session (5')

    "How did we do in terms of the session's goal?"