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Extra material

Some of the resources we use to communicate our mission to leaders we think would make a great use of our product.



Some of you have been in their shoes, you know the leaders we talk to are busy . Very busy.
With this 2-pager, no more excuses - they can learn about Sidekick in the bus to the office, between meetings, during meetings, in the lift… anywhere, anytime.
You got it, this doc is the perfect tool to convince the hustling leader.


Demo video

We’re very proud of this video.
Why, you ask?
Well, firstly because it features our wonderful Product Manager, Cat.
However, there’s even more to it: we really like to talk about how we’re going to revolutionise Management and change the world, but sometimes we get asked how we’re actually planning on doing this. The video below gives a good overview of our product and how it works in the day-to-day life.
So share this around, let them see what the dream looks like.

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