Build better teams through continuous feedback & development conversations

We help first-time managers define clear goals, measurable success metrics and a support network to hold them accountable, all through highly scalable coaching.


Procore uses Sidekick to build an advanced culture of personal development, feedback and coaching.


"The coach was extremely nice, understanding, and I really felt like I was being listened to. She asked a lot of additional question to understand better the challenges I was facing and was able in return to raise many interesting points that helped me move forward in my reflexion."


A Dataiku Employee

Session Rating 4.8

"Feels good to take a break from it all and focus on me, my objectives and expectations for work."


A CirclePay Employee

Session Rating: 4.7

"My career is very important to me and being able to share with an outside person about my day to day frustrations has helped me push for the right conversations and projects. Really excited about what's coming for me!"


A Happy Consultant

Session Rating: 4.9


Nano-coaching to help your employees talk to their managers.

Building employee engagement is a personal and iterative process. We define a clear measurable goal and empower each employee to reach it. Throughout the process, employees are supported by executive coaches who help guide them to an engaging work-life.


Employee self-assesses engagement

Every 2 weeks we check-in on different metrics contributing to the employee's engagement.

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Video nano-coaching session

We send top executive coaches for a 1-on-1 focused session where we empower the employee to come up with a simple action plan to improve their happiness.


If engagement below X

We compare results to the engagement level you want for that team.



Employee care at scale.

Whatever the challenge we're the best at what we do because we listen to each and every employee, tailor their experience and relentlessly support them through their growth.



We consider each employee’s uniqueness

Each employee has a unique work-life. They have different sets of goals and expectations and motivations. We take all of that into account when we care for their development.


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We empower employees to seek others’ support

The biggest challenge for any organization is understanding how to be helpful. By pushing employees to seek support we improve communication and awareness at all levels.


We pay attention to soft signals

By maintaining a close confidential relationship with each employee, we see issues before they become problems. A way for us to prevent rather than fix.


We help managers understand their teams

We keep managers in the loop and help employees talk to them more frequently. This helps managers understand how to be the right leader for the team.



Managers using Sidekick are rated 62% higher by their teams.

By creating bottom-up communication and enabling a better feedback culture: managers thrive. They finally know what their team needs and can focus on what matters to them.




Employees on Sidekick are retained an extra 6 to 12 months by their company.

We are always on the lookout for things that may cause disengagement or employee churn. Whatever the cause we'll work relentlessly with the employee to create communication around the issue and find solutions.


Pricing that scales.

At Sidekick we believe in continuous development and support of your employees. Our goal is to help you scale individualized care to your entire organization. Our pricing strategy tries to reflects that as much as possible.


Unlimited Coaching

Employees have their ups and downs. We’re here for all the downs, no matter how many there are.


Pricing for everyone

Whether it’s for juniors and interns or key senior talent in your team, there is a subscription level for everyone.

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Support from the best of the best.

Senior Executives, Industry Leaders and Former-CEOs. All ICF certified, vetted and trained to our nano coaching methodology.

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