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Coaching & personal development tools tailored to the needs of each individual.

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The development solution managers love

Everything your managers need to learn & grow in their role.

"Sidekick has changed the way I see learning & development. I'm managing a team for the first-time and my coach has helped me navigate the journey, with continuous on-the-job support.ย "


First-Time Manager

Circle Financial, inc

"10x from the classroom training at my previous company. The resources & coaching my coach provides are so actionable because theyโ€™re focused on my current management challenges."



TheFamily, LLP


Coaching + Feedback

Managers reach their development goals through the support of their coach & feedback of people around them


Learning Modules

Our combination of development modules and focused coaching provides managers with the best support around.


Progress Tracking

Managers see the direct results of their efforts through regular 360 and assessments


Scalable technology-enabled coaching

Engagement pulse helps managers take care of themselves too. It is made of 5-12 questions that help them understand their biggest challenge.

Development goals help managers define a picture a success and collaborate with their co-workers and coach to reach them.

Skills & Competencies help managers understand what they are great at and what they need to work on.

The coach is there to guide development every step of the way. Available through chat 7/7.


Built with L&Dโ€™s success in mind

Weโ€™ll help you every step of the way and make sure you are successful in developing one of the most crucial function in your organization.


Launch your manager development program with Sidekick, today.

We canโ€™t wait to give you a tour of what scalable manager development looks like.


"Procore uses Sidekick to build an advanced culture of personal development, feedback and coaching."


Learning & Development Team

Procore Technologies, Inc



World-class coaching at scale

Our diverse range of coaches are professionals with years of executive experience who attended the best coaching schools in the country.

Coach Net Promoter Score: 4.9 / 5.



Tailored selection

We suggest a selection of coaches that are best suited for your companyโ€™s objectives. We then hold a webinar to brief them on your company culture so they have the context needed to have impactful session from the start.


Managers pick their coach

During the on-boarding, managers pick their coach out of the pre-defined selection based on a short bio. They can change coach whenever they like.


"I was particularly anxious to have feedback conversations with a report. Having a coach to prep the conversation with has been a game changer."



Dataiku, Inc

"My coach is awesome. Because she's super empathetic, I walk out feeling a million times better about my situation and my ability to make progress through feedback, in addition to having a ton of good action items."



Bain & Company


Let's talk manager development!

Our team is super passionate about what we do and we'd love to know more about your goals and how we might be able to help.