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At Sidekick, we select coaches carefully with extensive vetting. All coaches are certified through International Coaching Federation accredited schools.



Eric Abensur / Award-Winning CEO


Eric is a former CEO, expert in turnaround. He has led through major successful changes organisations across multi continents and in various industries such as Technology, Telecom and Entertainment. In 2014, he positioned his latest company for a multi-million dollar exit. Eric is fluent in English and French.


Natalie Bybee / HR Expert

Natalie brings 20 years of Human Resources leadership experience in environments ranging from entrepreneurial to established organizations reinventing their culture and building winning teams. She is also an expert in non-violent communication.


Susan Sharpless / Senior Director at GSK

Susan Sharpless is a healthcare strategist and marketing executive. She is a senior director at GSK. She specializes in transition coaching related to career, and life stages.


Rene Boettcher / President at Graphika, Inc.

René has dedicated a large part of his career to the financial services industry, where he has led large international sales and marketing teams outperforming consistently market forecasts. He is an active startup angel investor and is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


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Sandy Simpson / SVP Human Resources HSBC

Sandy has 30 years of business experience in diverse industries. He held Senior Vice President and senior Human Resources leadership positions worldwide at Gillette, Pillsbury, Diageo, Intercontinental Hotels and HSBC creating a culture of high engament among their international workforce.


Graciela Meibar / VP Global Sales Development at Mattel, Inc

Graciela Meibar served as VP Global Sales Training and Global Diversity for Mattel. She helped the organization to become a leader in this field. Today she specializes in career coaching, and coaching for Leadership Diversity; a unique approach to develop high-potential minorities and women into leadership roles. Graciela speaks fluent English and Spanish. 


Timothy (Tim) Altaffer / Experienced CEO

Tim has over 10 years’ experience as CEO at companies spanning across the food, beverage, and health industries. His experience has led him to build innovative marketing teams with companies such as: Bacardi, Anheuser-Busch, Philip Morris and Unilever. Tim speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Peter Gandolfo / Marketer & Social Entreprise Specialist

Peter spent more than 15 years in brand management and international product marketing for the consumer market. He was involved in some of the most successful campaigns at Ford and Mattel. He was a senior director for the Drucker Institute, a social enterprise grounded in the revolutionary management principles of Peter Drucker.

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